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Converting To Gas

Conversion benefits you can take to the bank! Converting your property's energy source to natural gas is a smart business decision. You'll benefit by offering a more desirable property to your customers, while dealing with fewer hassles and increased profitability.

Why Convert?

  • Oil: Eliminate environmental compliance issues, as well as the hassle of scheduling oil delivery and maintaining oil equipment. Call us to discuss unique piping installation options to deliver gas where it is needed.  
  • Heat Pump: Get greater comfort and longer life expectancy with gas equipment.  
  • Electric Resistance Heat: See the cost savings associated with converting to natural gas as well as the longer life expectancy of gas equipment.  
  • Master Meter to Individual Meter Conversion: Promote energy conservation and individual tenant utility bill responsibility. 

"The Hillwood and Stoneridge Apartment Communities were 2 of the few remaining properties that were still electric heat. This was detrimental when trying to rent the units, and was one of the reasons we converted the properties to natural gas."

Cynthia M. Clare
Vice President-Residential Properties
The Mark Winkler Company

Customers want it - Savvy buyers and renters overwhelmingly prefer natural gas. They know that natural gas heat will keep them warmer and far more comfortable than a heat pump ever could. A natural gas fireplace provides extra appeal, and flexible installation options allow one to be added to most any room. In addition, a gas water heater heats water twice as fast, while a natural gas range delivers instant on and off and precise temperature control. 

Fewer hassles and lower costs - You can move the responsibility for utility bills to residents by installing individual meters in each unit. No more inconvenience in having to provide access to the unit when a tenant changes, or responsibility for collecting utilities through the rent. Nor will you have to pay the utility bills if the tenant does not make payment. As an added benefit, individual metered units are more attractive to potential renters and owners. And because residents pay their own bills, energy conservation is promoted. What's more, costs are controlled because gas equipment and appliances are low maintenance and last longer. 

"Utility bills are 25% less when residents pay the bills themselves."

Cynthia M. Clare
Vice President-Residential Properties
The Mark Winkler Company

Increase profitability with sensible installation options - While the benefits of choosing natural gas are very apparent, there's more good news. The process of converting to natural gas is easy and inexpensive. 

The installation options include: 

  • Using a 2-psi delivery system and smaller flexible copper and corrugated stainless steel piping offers you savings on your installation costs.  
  • One unit provides both water and space heating. It is a low maintenance, direct vent gas hot water heater. The system requires one gas line, no vertical flue, and an air handler that can be installed where it's most convenient. This system is inexpensive to install and low operating costs help you to save money.  
  • The ability to incorporate horizontally power vented furnaces and rooftop units.  
  • Meters can be read remotely via a transmitter.

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