For Your Home

Convert To Natural Gas!

Anyone within the Washington Gas service territory may be able to convert to natural gas. If your home is near one of our gas mains, you may be able to receive gas service.

Convert to Natural Gas with these easy steps:

  1. Determine the availability. Click here fill out form and receive a confirmation email on the availability of natural gas to your home.
  3. Have your Contractor provide us with information. Contact an HVAC contractor to determine cost and feasibility of converting to natural gas equipment. Click here to see a list of Washington Gas' participating HVAC contractors, or select your own.

  4. Submit the required conversion paperwork to Washington Gas.  Your natural gas contractor can assist in this process, which includes
    • Providing the property plat and/or dimensional sketch, marking meter location
  5. Determine the cost for the underground gas line and meter. Washington Gas will evaluate your job and send you a Commitment Letter outlining your cost – if any.
  7. Return signed Commitment Letter, along with any required contribution. Nothing further will happen until this step is completed.
  9. Washington Gas applies for all necessary permits and permissions.
  11. Washington Gas underground subcontractor will contact to schedule gas line and meter installation.
  13. Utility locating service will mark all public underground utilities.

  14. Schedule all installations. Underground gas line and meter are installed.
  16. Contact your natural gas equipment installer to complete installation. This includes installation of interior gas lines, equipment and local code authority inspections.


Click here to obtain detailed information on converting your home to natural gas.