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Rebates in Virginia!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What rebates are available?
A. Rebates are available for the purchase of the following product(s) or service and installation or performance by a licensed contractor:

Offer Number
Rebate Amount
Number Available
Programmable Thermostat


 $30      425

Natural Gas Furnace 90% or greater Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)

 WG0018  $200      319

Q. Are there any commercial rebates available in Virginia?
A. Yes, more information on commercial rebates can be found here!

Q. Are any Federal tax credits avalable on natural gas appliances?
A. Yes, the Federal tax credits are back! Check out the details here!

Q. Is there a limit on the number of people who will receive rebates?
A. Yes. Refer to last column of chart for previous question’s answer. When that number of rebates have been issues, that rebate will be gone.

Q. When does the Rebate program begin? Is there a deadline or time limit on filing for a rebate?
A. The rebate is available for Items purchased, performed or installed on or after May 1, 2014 through April 30, 2015. Verifiable rebates will be paid out until funds allocated to that rebate have been exhausted or on April 30, 2015, whichever occurs first.

Q. Where can I get a copy of the rebate form?
A. Rebate Applications are available online or from the contractor who performs your heating checkup or installs your rebate eligible equipment.

Q. Is there more than one form to be filed for a rebate?
A. One form per rebate & only one of any type of rebate is allowed per customer account or household in Washington Gas’ Virginia service area.

Q. Is there a different form for each different type rebate?
A. Yes. See question number 1 for descriptions by offer number.

Q. May I apply for both a programmable thermostat and a 90% AFUE furnace?
A. Yes, you may apply for both; however you are allowed one rebate for each type of rebate per address.

Q. May I apply more than one (1) time for a particular rebate?
A. Each customer should apply only one time for the rebate they wish to qualify for. A particular rebate is available to be paid no more than one time per each customer account or household in Washington Gas’ Virginia service area.

Q. May I file my rebate application online?
A. No. See answer to next question.

Q. May I mail my rebate application? If yes, to what address?
A. All rebate applications must be mailed along with completed forms, and any required backup information to: Washington Gas Rebates P.O. Box 130006 El Paso, Texas, 88513

Q. What backup information is necessary for a rebate application?
A. Please refer to the information on the Rebate Application Form for each offer.

Q. Can I get a rebate if the Washington Gas Account Number is in someone else’s name?
A. All rebates are payable only to the name on the Washington Gas Account and in accordance with the records at Washington Gas.

Q.  How long will it be before I receive my rebate?
A. Rebates should be processed within 6 to 8 weeks of our receipt of a complete and validate rebate application form and all necessary materials to qualify. Note: A certain percentage of rebate application forms will be selected for audit to ensure all rules and procedures are followed by the applicant. Such audits may extend the payment time referenced above by 3 to 6 weeks. If 12 weeks have passed since you mailed your submission and you have not yet received your rebate, please call 877-240-9183 for your status.

Q. Can I get a check instead of an AMEX debit card?
A. All payments will be made via an American Express Prepaid Card. Paying the rebate by AMEX prepaid card was selected because it enables customers to receive their rebates more quickly and with less likelihood of error.

Q. Where can I learn more about saving energy?
A. On the web by clicking here.

Q. Can I get a rebate if I install the gas appliance myself?
A. No. ALL of the rebates require that a licensed contractor must install the rebate item.

Q. Where can I get a list of contractors qualified to install my appliance or perform my service?
A. On the web by clicking here and navigating to the appliance category that you are interested in.