• Eco Friendly Gift Guide

    In the shopping frenzy that began on Black Friday - just two weeks ago, it’s hard to keep your wits about you. And if you’re not careful you’ll end up with plastic junk that will wind up in a landfill as soon as your five-year-old breaks it. And think about the carbon dioxide the factory that made the junk emits every day. If we stopped to think, we’d cry.

    Which is why you can think now and smile later when you’ve got a stack of good-for-the-Earth and fun-for-your-family presents under the tree. Check out these green gift ideas to lighten your conscience and bring a few smiles to your five-year-olds this holiday season.

    Go organic: More and more clothes are made of organic fibers, including the old classic, Levi’s jeans. You can also find organic kids’ clothes to keep your little ones Earth-friendly and chemical-free.

    Walk on the hemp side: Hemp is strong and versatile, so it makes sense that shoe-makers would be catching on to its uses. You can now get help Chuck Taylor All-Stars and amazing hemp heels fit for any classy night out.

    View bamboo: What’s cooler (and lighter) than sunglasses made of bamboo? Not only that but bamboo is fast-growing, so cutting some down to make your eyewear isn’t an environmental crime.

    Bag it: In this day and age, everyone needs a reusable shopping bag, but no one said they had to be boring. Check out these funky eco-sacs that will help you be hip and green in the grocery store.

    Don’t toy with me: In a world awash in chemicals and toxins, our babies deserve the softest, safest things to play with. Why not add some adorable, organic toys to that pile under the tree?

    Earth-friendly furnishings: Pieces of furniture are some of the biggest things we buy, so making smart choices here can make a big difference in terms of green living. There are scores of options, but here are a couple to get you started: gorgeous chairs, tables, and bookcases made from salvaged tropical hardwoods and imaginative ottomans made from fair-trade burlap coffee bags.

    Now that you’ve got the gifts, make your tree eco-friendly too. You can rent a live, potted tree from The Living Christmas Tree Company, who will deliver it to your doorstep and pick it up after the last gift has been unwrapped. Then they’ll store it in their nursery for next year. Happy holidays!


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